Campania open at Hull today

June 20, 1951 | Filed under: Yorkshire Post

The Festival ship Campania, which was officially opened at Hull yesterday by the Lord Mayor (Alderman R. E. Smith) and will receive her first visitors this morning, will be visited during her stay on the Humber by many organised parties of school-children from the West Riding.

In the Campania’s exhibition, most of which is in the hangar, the story of these islands is comprehensive. There are displays for agriculture, coal, steel and other industries, followed by one for power and transport which includes a fascinating section on railways, the sea and ships.

Particular attention is paid to engineering plastics, textiles, woodworking, glass and pottery among the industrial exhibits. Nor are those reponsible for the invention and development of power and communications forgotten.

Certainly the school parties will find fascination in the sea and shipping section. Here, in addition to many models of ships, there is a complete radar unit layout on which they will be able to watch shipping moving in the Humber.

On the flight deck too, they will see a small life-boat which is later to go to Minehead, and the ship’s life-boats. There are six of these, installed not only for the safety of the crew but also as exhibits of the various types in use by the Merchant Navy.

Enviously, perhaps the youngsters will examine one of those small racing yachts which cram harbours and estuaries all round the coast.

Perhaps the major fascination of the flight deck will be its height. To port one can overlook an Ellerman liner in from Australia and a cargo vessel unloading. On the starboard side is the Humber, curling away to Grimsby and the sea.

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