West Riding children visit the Campania

The visit of the Festival ship Campania is the main feature of Hull’s Festival celebrations, and the Lord Mayor (Alderman R. E. Smith) has asked business houses and other places to fly as many flags as possible during the 10 days of the ship’s stay. Early yesterday morning she was edged gently into King George […]

Campania open at Hull today

The Festival ship Campania, which was officially opened at Hull yesterday by the Lord Mayor (Alderman R. E. Smith) and will receive her first visitors this morning, will be visited during her stay on the Humber by many organised parties of school-children from the West Riding.

Sunday ‘shut down’ hits Festival ship

ALTHOUGH several hundred people went to King George Dock, Hull, yesterday, they were not allowed aboard the Festival ship Campania. The ship’s staff was willing to work – they would have been paid overtime, and they had little else to do because it was raining outside and they were stangers to the city – but […]

87,814 visited the Campania

The Festival ship Campania, which left Hull yesterday for Plymouth, was visited by 87,814 during her 10-day stay in King George Dock. Saturday’s attendance figure was 6,907. The sea travelling exhibition has attracted a grand total of 386,430 to date.